Tatsuya came back as Makimus Nov.2008

Not about Tatsuya now on Ramuh and other.

At Ramuh many evil doings he did were wellknown by many ppl.
He run a way from Ramuh with no apology on July27,2007
with the World Transfer Service.

If you did not know about Tatsuya
pls ask friends what did he do 2 years ago.

He went Ifrit as Sonicflash first, and next Garuda as Renon.
We finally found him at there, one of us telled him but got no reply.
After our activity he accept that he is the Tatsuya at Ramuh.
And he made empty apology at weblog linked from his porno website.
Finally came back Ramuh as Makimus.

What Did He DO?

  • He was a owner of Dynamis run but pilfered coins
    in spite of he was a divider.
  • His play skill is not good honestly too low.
    he does not do anything at high-end contents.
    If Makimus join your run, you can see standing bolt upright.
  • He gave insults and harassments
    to members of his own linkshell on forums.
  • and more...

Please listen carefully otherwise you maybe get great trouble.
Let you know detail more needs all night long.
Please ask your japanese friend about Tatsuya of Ramuh.
:Not about Tatsuya of Ramuh and other now.attention pls again.

More Information

All these sites as follows are about Tatsuya=Makimus.
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